ACB - Advanced Connected Buttons

The ACB system is designed to build various business solutions based on the Smilio connected buttons, from satisfaction surveys to reporting buttons.
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On a website, every user interaction is measured and analysed to improve the user experience, and therefore sales. But in real life, there is not so much opportunities to create interactions with customers. With ACB, you can create every kind of interfaces to communicate with your visitors. You don't need to develop an app or a complicated system: just ask your question, and let your customers answer within a second. Satisfaction surveys, open polls, reporting button for maintenance or direct buy... you can create all kinds of solutions for your business.

Our solution includes :

  • Customizable buttons (up to 4 per device) and casing
  • Advanced visualisation platform for data
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Access to API
  • Triggering of specific devices like trafic lights, flash leds, rotating lights...
  • Dedicated signage system to monitor actions in real time
Use cases


Commercially available

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Business cases

QoS in the toilet

Connected buttons to allow visitors to report a problem in the toilet.


In public places like museum, airport, railway stations of even restaurants, a bad experience in the toilets can have important consequences on a business. How to provide the better quality without sending someone every minute to check the smell or the lack of soap ?


With ACB, visitors and customers can report a specific problem they encountered on antibacterial buttons. The maintenance team knows exactly where the problem come from, and therefore can anticipate and act to improve quickly and durably the situation.

Flash survey in the hotel

Flash survey display to measure customer satisfaction on two axis : room and welcome.


Many hotelkeepers fear bad review on websites like Trip Advisors or Google. But it won't help to really improve their services, as many customers don't use those services.


With ACB, hotels can monitor their QoS on different places, with one or two questions, and get the results in real time. They can answer many questions like :

  • Should I train this employee at the welcome desk ?
  • When should I use additional manpower at the welcome desk ?
  • Are there variation in the quality of the cleaness depending on the days ?


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