Adroit is SCADA software that allows for easy integration with a variety of devices on communicating on protocols/networks such as Sigfox, modbus, MQTT and more with no programming experience needed.


Commercially Available



Adroit is both a development environment and the product for the end user. The Smart UI Designer is for the designer, this is the program used to design the user interface for their end-user, also refered to as the "Operator". The Smart UI Designer has many sample projects and pre-designed vectors such as gauges (circular, linear etc.) to get a user started, that can be used by the designer. This allows for Adroit to be used without the need for any programming experience. Adroit also allows those with programming skills to write code that can be used in Adroit.

The Smart UI Operator is the program used to interact with the user interface that is designed in the Smart UI Designer. Here, the users are not allowed to make changes to the user interface.

Adroit runs on Windows Operating System (Windows 7 and up), however access to the information in Adroit can also be accessed via a web broswer. 



Sigfox Ready




Commercially Available

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