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Beehive online monitoring - monitor beehive weight and weather around and receive alerts when something unusual happens


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Hive weight in 10g increments

Weight scale up 200 kg to measure how much of the honey your bees have already   harvested.

Hive temperature

Temperature inside of a hive with 0.1°C precision

Monitor hive temperature for sudden changes or possible problems during winter   season.


Outdoor temperature and humidity

When your hive is in a remote area and you'd like to know how good is the weather   for the harvest.

Sigfox transmission

Low power data transmission every hour

Increasing coverage around the world to support the world of IoT with battery life over 10 years.


E-mail or SMS when your attention is needed

User configurable alerts for weight, temperature, weather or hive movement.


In Development

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • bic-flyer.pdf

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)515 x 425 x 100
Weight500 gr
SensorsAccelerometer, Pressure, Humidity, Temperature
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life5 Years
Flashable FirmwareYes
Ip CodeIP65

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In Development
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