e-Silos Control Tower platform

e-Silos is Provided as a Service - Installation + connectivity + Control Tower + Algortithms (logistic and market based) + Real time information


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  Commercial gains:  

-Commercial and management teams have real time visibility over the stored volume of grains in the silos

-Easy control, no unnecessary travels

-Inventory in real time, available online, accessible from anywhere, 

-Auto diagnosis of the digital measurements collected from the silos for exeption/anomalies detection. Ex: gas control (H2S | CO | CH4)

Financial gains :  

-Saves time

-Optimizes control and storage time, avoiding overstocking 

-No more surprise when loading, prevents silos overload and returns

-Prevents out of stock

Other Benefits :  

-Increases employee safety. Eliminates the risk of falls

-Indicates the temperature inside the silo (temperature of the internal air)

-Reduce insurance costs

-Proof of delivery 

-Knowledge of the actual available capacity avoids the overhead silo 

-Low cost per ton and per bushel


Commercially Available

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • PPT Agrusdata_EN.pdf

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