ffly4u IoT tracking solution

ffly4u is an IoT tracking solution based on embedded information on mobile and non-powered assets.


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ffly4u is a European IoT tracking solution for mobile, reusable and non-powered assets based on a new and cost-saving technology. This is the combination of low power wide area networks as SIGFOX, the fierce optimisation of battery consumption by the devices and embedded technologies and a precise knowledge of industrial supply chain’s needs.

The main goal of the ffly4u’s offer is to optimize assets management to prevent their loss or disuse. Here are three key points to describe ffly4u’s solutions:

• indoor and outdoor tracking of all type of assets and goods (geolocation and geofencing)

• multifunction devices: depending on the business field, the emitter can provide location, temperature, humidity, CO2 level, received impacts

• customer-value creation: the on-board information allows to upgrade business model of firms by providing a new service to your final customer


Commercially Available

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Production capabilities: +50,000 items

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Business cases

Connected drums: outdoor geolocation

Key results:

•Assets downtime reduction on sites

•Costs reduction of drums management about 20% 

•Optimization of transport processes

•Real-time follow-up of project progress on client’s site 


 Nexans uses wood and steel drums to store and transport cables for its clients such as Enedis. The annual cost of logistics is above one billion of euros, without taking into account costs about losses and misuses.


As part of a 6-month pilot, ffly4u has fixed GPS emitters on a 500-drum fleet distributed among two industrial sites allowing assets geolocation through a web platform.  

Indoor goods geolocation and temperature follow-up

Key results:

•Detection of several cases regarding wrong assets control

•Economic relevance to roll-out the pilot on a large scale

•Opportunity for Casino to provide a temperature follow-up to its clients (such as cold chain follow-up)


 Casino uses in closed pool several thousands of load carriers within its warehouses. Because of a lack of means to well manage them, Casino needs to buy new load carriers every year to compensate their losses or their downtime in unidentified places. 


 As part of a 4-month pilot, ffly4u has offered a global service of location by fixing 10 emitters on 10 metal pallets, within a perimeter of two warehouses.

Lorries geofencing on industrial site or section’s site

Key results:

•Efficient and easy location of lorries on sites in question

•Downtime detection of lorries

•Detection of a new possible service based on ffly4u’s technology: knowing if a lorry is full or empty in order to anticipate its usage


 Saint-Gobain uses specific lorries to store and transport on site its goods. Lorries are becoming a mobile storage area hardly localizable. Warehouses are distributed on two industrial sites, therefore it is difficult to know if a lorry is well located on the good site.


As part of a 6-month pilot, ffly4u has offered a geofencing proposal on two industrial sites, allowing lorries to answer the question “am I on the industrial site, yes or no?”.

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