SIGFOX Ready handheld data terminal





Foxpad® is a versatile and easy-to-use gateway to the SIGFOX network. Its primary use is a simple human interface data entry device.  Providing an intuitive hexadecimal keypad, the unit facilitates the composition of short messages (up to 12 symbols) which can then be sent at the touch of a button. Foxpad® has numerous applications in healthcare, security, asset management, and many more vertical markets.
Certified to SIGFOX Class 2u, Foxpad is a disposable unit with the battery lasting the lifetime of the device (typically one year), soft touch rubberised keys, integral antenna and an LCD display.
The unit is designed for indoor applications, and can both send and receive data. It is pre-registered on the network and ready to use, with one year lifetime based on one message per day.
Potential applications include:
  • Monitoring of health related data – entry of blood pressure or glucose readings, psychological status etc.
  • Personnel tracking – signing in and status monitoring of security, care and facility management personnel.
  • Asset security – registering and granting access to physical and internet-based facilities.


Sigfox Ready

Class 2



Technical Details

Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)117 x 73 x 15
Weight50 gr
Battery TypeNot Replaceable
Battery Life1 Years