EMI remote water meter reading is a solution to read the water meters by multiple technologies including SIGFOX technology.
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Countries adapted for RC1, RC2, RC4


EMI remote water meter reading is a solution for different markets to read  different kind of meters (also digital signals). Our solution includes not only the hardware (C-50-SIG) but also a web application and both Android and iOS apps. All the data sent by the hardware is received by our application or by our customes' applications. Our application calculates the consumptions, water losses, hourly consumptions, costs, billing etc. It lets the user to control also his irrigation system, etc.

Data is sent depending on the customer requirements, it means, the standard is every 1 hour or every 1 day, but we can also send it every 15 minutes if our customers need it, or when it get any signal.

Our solution not only have a web application but also mobiles applications for users, where they can check their consumptions, alarms etc.

Downloadable resources
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Production capabilities

+50,000 items

Sample available


Where to buy ?

This product is available through distributors.

Business cases

Smart cities

Solution for smart cities including very small villages. Water meter reading.


Spanish village with new meters with reed cable. They did not have money enough to change the metes since there where almost new. They needed a fix network solution. Sigfox network is perfect to save money in infraestructures. Village was far from big cities and maintenance was so expensive if we would select a different solution.


Sigfox connection from meters to our application. Users can monitor their water consumptions in their mobile apps and web. Managers can monitor the water losses, consumptions, billing monthly the water consumption, etc.

Remote irrigation water meters reading

Solution for irrigation water meters reading and cost calculation hourly


Irrigation customer needed a solution for remote water meter reading. GPRS devices are so expensive and monthly tariff so high. Water cost should include the electricity cost and it varies every hour


SIGFOX device to read the water meter. Low cost devices and app to get the water consumption every hour to calculate the water price depending on time and electricity cost. Irrigation managers can check every moment who is irrigating and the water needs of every sector from our application


Sigfox solution for factory water reading


Factories in an industrial park are very big consumers. Town cannot read monthly their water meters because of the problems to access to factories and because they are far from town center. Factories consume so much water and they want to know what department or process consumes more every hour.


Sigfox solution for town and factories. Town gets the water consumptions every hour automatically. They can bill them every month. Factories have the information of water consumption by department or process and they can act to save water and reduce their costs.


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