LYNX BEE Sigfox Module (u.FL or RPSMA)

Sigfox BEE sized LP-WAN module, popular footprint based on Digi’s XBee module form-factor. Pin for pin replacement of Digi XBee PRO modules. ~20Km range. Very low power devices for long battery life.





  1. LP-WAN module targeted for Sigfox’s global IoT network.
  2. Seemless roaming across multiple geographies.
  3. Modular : Drop in replacement for the popular Digi XBee PRO module form-factor. Can swap between different RF topologies using this BEE footprint.
  4. Small form-factor - ideal for embedded systems or sensors.
  5. Low power consumption - for longer battery life applications.
  6. Low cost - lower cost of ownership (lower capex & opex).
  7. Ease of development. Ease of deployment. Ease of Support.


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Downloadable resources
  • LYNX-BEE-Sigfox-Module-40x.pdf
  • WALT-TECH - LYNX BEE Sigfox Modules - 13 Oct 2017.V1.pdf

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Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 32.94 x 24.38 x 6.86

Weight: 5gr

Sigfox Connectivity
Product electrical characteristics

Power Supply: From 2.7V to 3.6V

Power Consumption:

Tx: 200 mA

Rx: 32 mA

Idle: 2 μA

Embedded Software


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