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SimplePack is a device that integrators can build their solutions upon.
It is simple. It contains assembly language programmable MCU, accelerometer, LED diode, button, Sigfox modem, antenna and non replaceable, non rechargeable battery.

Simple as Czech beer.
Cheap as Czech beer.

Packaged in nice, small, waterproof case. Space for branded sticker, two sided tape.
Mass-manufactured and tested in the Czech Republic.
Possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Geolocations are endless. 


  • Ordering button
  • Panic button
  • Remote control button


  • Alert when moved (door, drawer, bike, car, house)
  • Tracking (luggage, asset, pallet) 
  • Tracing (real time journey tracing of a package and any impact) 
  • Fall with G-force recording
  • Vibration while engine runs
  • Door banging
  • Truck running
  • Crane arm moving
  • Traffic signage displacement


  • Control something through flip
  • Track and record orientation
  • Overturn of a garbage can, shipping container etc.

Dimensions: 65x29x10mm

Volume: 18 cm3  

Weight: 17g
Chewing gum pack is 69x23x12mm, 19 cm3 , 16g

Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

Waterproof through glue and no openings
(currently no official IP rating - can be done on request)

Battery type and capacity: Primary LiMnO2 (non rechargeable, non replaceable) 550 mAh

Longevity in guard mode: 10 years

Minimum number of messages: 3600
Open and documented API

Currently RC1, ready for RC2,3,4 through different modem and antenna replacement in BOM parts.
Currently shipped in 5 different firmware modes (press, guard, track, trace, flip) incl.daily heartbeat. Everything can be switched and freely configured via downlink message. It is not an end-user solution
(the application we provide is just for capabilities demo purposes)

Recommendation is to use SimplePack as a single use-case end user device and to develop solutions using it.

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Production capabilities: +50,000 items

Sample available: Yes

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Technical Details

Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)65 x 29 x 10
Weight17 gr
SensorsAccelerometer, Button
Battery TypeNot Replaceable
Battery Life10 Years
Flashable FirmwareYes

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