Digitanimal (former STEPLA) is a service platform devoted to monitor and locate livestock animals composed by a long battery life collar and animal behaviour algorithms to improve farm profitability


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Senso Wave


Digitanimal is an affordable and long-life monitoring and location system for livestock farms. It offers location, monitoring and traceability capabilities, detecting anomalies due to temperature, activity, behaviour and calving. Digitanimal increases farm profitability by detecting in calving periods; by reducing production costs through a losses cut-off and by improving animals’ welfare through constant monitoring.

Our SIGFOX Ready collars monitor through several sensors animal condition. Our FIWARE based backend processes information coming from collars and deliver it to the farmers. Farmers may get the information from their livestock farms through our multidevice app in which they may also get alerts (animal outside the farm, abnormal activity, weather alerts, etc.), may exchange information with stakeholders such as veterinarians and may also share calendars with them.

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Commercially Available

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Production capabilities: 10,000-50,000 items

Solution details


Business cases

Digitanimal in bovines

Bovine farm in Basque Country (north of Spain)


Optimize calving periods is a must for a beef farm. They have to manage the condition of cows and bull/s


The collar in conjunction with our platform allow to control calving periods


Digitanimal works with SERIDA (www.serida.org) by monitoring dairy cows


In order to optimize milk production, it is necesary to control the behaviour of the cows


Thanks to SERIDA's team new software functionalities were included in Digitanimal

Digitanimal in caprines

Caprines and ovines farmers need to locate their animals in an easy way


Locate caprine and ovine herd optimizing costs


Farmers install several devices in different animals in order to locate the whole herd