bttn – the simplest user interface in the world.


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bttn is a connected, physical push button. It allows you to instantly turn your business into an on-demand service: Just one push to order services or products, to indicate alerts or need for service, request a call, or to engage consumers in marketing campaigns.

Ideal for: Consumer services, transportation & logistics, elderly care, maintenance services, marketing and promotions, retail and manufacturing, and much more!

The bttn device comes in 6 different colors (white, black, red, green, blue or yellow) and you can get it custom-branded with your corporate logo.

You can programme two different actions (short press / long press) for the bttn device. The bttn shows the status and result of your transaction with intuitive feedback lights (green, yellow or red).

Your bttn actions are executed by the powerful cloud service, which is ready to be integrated with your servers and business systems. Configuration and management is done via a browser interface ( The service also provides usage statistics and reports for total visibility.

bttn is intuitive to use for people of all ages and all cultures, and it just works. With SIGFOX, deploying bttns is as easy as just inserting batteries: it works instantly anywhere!

Available actions:
  • Simple messaging: Send email or SMS, tweet or post to Facebook
  • Send HTTP(S) GET, POST and PUT requests
  • Trigger IFTTT recipes and Zapier zaps
  • Publish counter and event feeds in JSON
  • Integrate with your own server through REST API and webhooks

The bttn is powered by either 4 x AA/LR6 alkaline batteries (LPS) or a micro-USB charger (LPS). Neither included.

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