WaterScout® Wireless Soil Moisture Line

Easy to use Precision Wireless Soil Moitsture Sensor




  • Instantaneous Volumetric Water Content at prescribed intervals 
  • User defined custom reports 
  • Cloud based data and alerts 
  • Time Domain Reflectometer measurement technology 
  • Multiple rod length options 
  • Long-life battery 
  • Configurable alert thresholds 
  • In-situ, waterproof and durable


  • Uses same Time-Domain (TDR) measurement methods as the Spectrum FieldScout TDR meters 
  • Allows rapid interpretation of soil moisture data in Volumetric Water Conten(VWC%) on SpecConnect™
  • Single replaceable battery with up to two years of operation based on hourly data transmissions
  • Achieves long range performance
  • Receive alerts via email or SMS for sensor thresholds or battery replacement notification
  • Quickly determine signal strength and sensor data during installation with SpecConnect™ 
  • Safely use in fully saturated conditions and over a wide temperature range 
  • Compact sensor easy to install without tools



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Production capabilities: 1,000-10,000 items

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • WaterScout Sigfox Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor_FINAL.pdf

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)50.8 x 38.1 x 228.6
Weight169 gr
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life2 Years
Flashable FirmwareNo

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