Webthings Tiny

Flood, Temperature, Switches, connect up to 2 external sensors...




  • 2 Digital or Analogue Input/Outputs
  • 1 Serial Connection (i2c or RS232 TTL)
  • Meter pulse count
  • Flood
  • Reed Switch
  • Counter
  • On/Off
  • 1 digital output (send control on/off)

Running on a half AA battery, and measuring about 25mm (W) x 45mm (L), this is one very small Sigfox enabled device.

With the ability to connect different external devices, you could use this to measure Flood, Temperature (external probe) or any sort of switch.

Due to be release the beginning of February, this is going to be one of the lowest prices devices on the market.

PLEASE NOTE that this device is available in ALL Zones.

Sectors :



Ability to provide samples: Yes

Production capabilities: +50,000 items

Technical Details

Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)26 x 26 x 45
Weight5 gr
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life5 Years
Flashable FirmwareYes

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