Capitalising on your core business & driving you forward in a digital, interactive & connected era

Established in 2007, AXIBLE Technologies® is a connectivity integrator that develops solutions to enable manufacturers & companies to set themselves apart from their competition and to incorporate new uses for and drivers of innovative services and new income into their core businesses.
Over the past 8 years, AXIBLE has brought to the market dozens of M2M solutions, as well as publishing some twenty or so mobile and web applications used by tens of thousands of users every day both in France and in Europe.
AXIBLE boasts comprehensive M2M and now IoT sector-specific expertise.
Having gained SIGFOX™ READY® certification, AXIBLE is one of the integrator partners responsible for promoting connectivity and its integration into the objects we will become accustomed to using on a day-to-day basis.
AXIBLE could provide following skills and expertises:

  • CONSULTING IoT :Digital strategy, Brainstorming about new uses, new services and thinking about new economic model
  • HARDWARE:Electronic card, embedded software development, certification et Prototyping Manufacturing, mechanics design, record et track certification file.
  • NETWORK ARCHITECTURE:Security, hosting et data analytics
  • SOFTWARE: Administration interface development (database management systems), API, Web an mobile App design and development (end user application – user experience), new services sold on integrated E-business platform. 

AXIBLE especially developed for SIGFOX,the iconic connected giveaway of the operator : SENS'IT (

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Complete with a button for issuing alerts or sending messages, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer, the SO’CLOUD solutions enable you to offer corporate gifts for personalised use via the associated Web App.
Commercially Available


With SO’LINK we have designed a connected object that represents what your brand stands for.
Commercially Available


The Qub has 6 sides, each side allows you to request a specific service. You just have to double tap on the correct side. It works with a Web App.
In Development