General Information

What is Sigfox Partner Network ?

The goal of Sigfox Partner Network is to gather an ecosystem of IoT companies under the same roof. This way, visitors like you can discover products and contact companies directly. 

Through Sigfox Partner Network, you can find the right IoT product for your projects. You can also contact Sigfox partners who have the expertise you need. 

As a Sigfox partner, you can manage pages for your company and your products. Both feature a contact form for business inquiries. 

If you are not a partner yet, you can still submit your company page while you go through the partnership process. 

Why should I create an account for me or my company?

You need an account to: 

The Partner Network team handles validation of new company and product pages. Once validated, you remain the sole owner of your content. 

Create an account now! It's free and easy!

Where can I find additional information?

If the information you are looking for concerns devices or certification, go to: build.sigfox.com

If you want to know about coverage or Sigfox Operators, go to: sigfox.com/en/coverage 

If your question is about anything else and you didn't find information in the FAQs, you can get help for the Sigfox community:  ask.sigfox.com

How can I create my account?

If you don't have a Sigfox Partner Network account yet, go to the Partner Network website and click the "Sign Up" link, at the top right. Signing up and creating a Partner Network account is free. 

Note: You must confirm your email address to be able to send contact requests to partners. If you haven't received an email with a confirmation link yet, request another one here.

How can I make a request for a company page?

While anyone can create a user account, company accounts have to be validated by the Partner Network team first. 

Here is the process:

  1. While logged in with your user account, go to the "Submit my company" page. 
  2. Fill the form (company information, reason for joining Partner Network), and send your join request.
  3. The Partner Network team will assess your join request. Sigfox reserves the right to grant access at its sole discretion. 

Getting your request approved means that you can publish your company's profile. For more information, see the "About company pages" section.  


Anyone can make a request for a company page on Sigfox Partner Network. The team then validates each submission, based on two rules: 

  • Always accepted: current Sigfox partners. Also, companies undergoing a partnership procedure with Sigfox. 
  • Accepted under conditions: companies that can bring value to the current ecosystem. This can include companies that are not yet in partnership with Sigfox or a Sigfox Operator. 

Under which categories can partners list their companies on Sigfox Partner Network?

The Sigfox Partner Network currently features 17 categories, arranged into 3 groups. 

Component Suppliers

  • Semiconductor Company. They can design, manufacture and sell chips. Contact them if you need a transceiver or a SoC (System on Chip).  
  • Module Manufacturers. They have off-the-shelf Sigfox-compatible modules, or can make custom ones. Contact them if you want to add a module component to your printed circuit board (PCB). 

End-product suppliers

  • Solutions Providers. They offer an end-to-end package of one or several devices, with a cloud dashboard and Sigfox connectivity.  
  • Kit Makers. They are module makers or chip manufacturers that also produce evaluation kits for their components. Also, small companies specialized in powerful and specific development boards.  
  • Device Makers. They develop all sorts of devices that can connect to Sigfox Network thanks to a Sigfox Module.
  • IoT Platform Providers. They offer a large range of solutions to manage data coming from connected devices. For example, IaaS platforms, business application hosting, vertical-specific data platforms, etc.  

Service providers

  • Tech Hubs. They are startup incubators or accelerators. Contact them if your company needs help getting started on your Sigfox development. 
  • Cloud Platform Providers. They are application development and execution environments. As such, they enable the creation of connected business apps that rely on data, visualization, and run-time tools. Contact them if you need a scalable cloud architecture to deploy your services and applications.  
  • Antenna Designers. They can help you find the right antenna for your Sigfox device. They can even design and build it for you. 
  • Consulting Companies. They are knowledgeable in all things IoT, and understand how it can answer your business challenges. Contact them if you need help to find the right path for your project.  
  • Systems Integrators. They can help you with your current IoT architecture (IT, processes, etc.). Contact them if you need to deploy a solution inside your organization.  
  • Distributors. They reference and sell products from many module makers, chip manufacturers and device makers. Contact them if you are looking for components to build your device, or for ready-to-use devices.  
  • Design Houses. They provide specific electronic design for your hardware. Contact them if you need radio/wireless experts.  
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services. They can design, manufacture, test, and distribute electronic components and assemblies. They may also provide return/repair services for their components. Contact them if you need someone to manufacture connected parts tailored to your needs 
  • Security Experts. They can help you design or assess a secure solution. Contact them if your project has specific security stakes.  
  • Sigfox Accredited Test Houses. They oversee the passing of tests for your device, and provide you with the necessary documents for certification. Contact them if you need to pass a Sigfox certification or a local Type Approval for your device.  

Sigfox Operators 

Sigfox Operators roll-out and commercialize Sigfox connectivity around the world. Contact them if you need support to find local partners, or to buy connectivity for your devices. They can help you reduce your time to market. 

The full list of Sigfox Operators and their coverage is available on our coverage map.

Do I have to pay to be on Sigfox Partner Network?

The Partner Network is a free service offered by Sigfox to its community. You don't have to pay anything.

Note: Sigfox reserves the right to grant access to the Partner Network at its sole discretion. 

Who is responsible for the content?

Each company is responsible for the content they put on their company and product pages.  

The Partner Network team validates all new pages and oversee page changes, in order to correct mistakes and ensure maximal visibility.

Sigfox does not vouch for company and product details published on the Partner Network. We only vouch for Sigfox labels: Sigfox Verified, Sigfox Ready and Sigfox Partner. 

How can I contact the Partner Network team?

Contact us on this email address: partner-network@sigfox.com.