Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Do write in English (US, not UK (sorry!))
  • Do proofread! Twice! 
  • Be precise! Refrain from using vague words. 
  • Do use short and clear sentences instead of long ones. 
  • Do use paragraphs instead of one huge blocks of text.
  • Do use bullet-point lists instead of a long list of comma-separated products.
  • Don't use superlatives ("We are the best XXX", "We are the #1 YYY", "We are the leading ZZZ", etc.). Don't oversell your company/product.
  • Don't use ALL-CAPS SENTENCES. A few important words here and there are okay, as is the company name, but in general, please refrain from screaming in your text. Same for all-bold sentences and all-underlined sentences. We will edit those back to regular text if we encounter any.
  • Don't add links in your descriptions. Product pages have link fields (such as "Buy link") which you should rely on instead. If a link is necessary, please make a design effort, with a text context -- don't just drop the http:// there.

Company page guidelines

  • Company pages should be about your company: what you do, your history, your team, your field(s) of action, etc. It shoud not be about your products.
  • If you are a Sigfox partner, don't detail your product on your company page: create a product page instead.
  • If you are not a Sigfox partner yet, contact Sigfox or your local Sigfox Operator to sign a partnership.

Product page guidelines

  • Do use a photo of your product as main image -- if possible in a working environment.
  • Do provide a link to the product's official page rather than to your website's homepage.
  • Do use a direct link to an actual online store for the "Direct buy link" field. Do not use it to point to a contact form or a webpage with no buying option. If you do not yet have an online store, leave the field blank.
  • Don't use your company's logo as the main product image. 
  • Don't try to add a product if your company is not yet a partner. 
  • Don't detail your company in your product page: you should already have a company page. 
  • Don't use "Sigfox" in the product name. We recommend that you use your company's name as the first word of the product name on the Partner Network. See a few advices here.
  • Don't use the "Sigfox" logo in your product (casing, manual, box, etc.). If your product has been Sigfox Certified, you can use the "Sigfox Certified" logo for modules, or the "Sigfox Ready" logo for devices. For more information, have a look on the branding guidelines on Sigfox Build.

As a reminder, new partner products must not have a name that could lead to a confusion with “Sigfox” in any way. 

Review guidelines

Product reviews are an important feature of the Sigfox Partner Network, as they help users choose between two seemingly identical products. A detailed review can show whether the product is a good fit or not.

Therefore, we need reviews to be truthful and accurate. To that end, there are a few rules that the Partner Network team chooses to enforce when moderating reviews. Among them are the following types of fake reviews that are rejected on sight:

  • Acquaintance reviews: To keep our reviewx as impartial as possible, we refuse any contribution provided by someone who has a personal connection with the maker of the reviewed product. This includes the team behind the product as well as family and friends.
  • Competitor reviews: Some reviewers might unfairly review a product in order to lower its search-result placement, and thus boost another product. s soon as they are spotted by our team, they are removed.
  • Paid reviews: When it is apparent that the reviewer is following certain patterns, we flag him/her as a paid reviewer and remove the contributed reviews.

As a product maker, you can dispute a review that you deem unfair. Know that we strongly believe that every customer has a right to express their opinion, good or bad, based on their own expectations of what their IoT experience should deliver. Mediating the dispute is therefore a serious matter for us and we'll try to manage it as sensitively and fairly as possible after you've contacted us. 

If our moderation team concludes that a review meets our guidelines, it will remain posted. In these circumstances, there are still a number of steps a business can take to lessen the impact of a disputed review, which we will discuss with you should it happen (including a soon-to-be-released "right of reply" feature).