General Information

What is Sigfox Partner Network ?

 The Sigfox Partner Network is an initiative launched by Sigfox, in order to easily discover and contact an ecosystem of companies specialized in the IoT. Thanks to Sigfox Partner Network  :

  • You can quickly find the right IoT product with the expertise you need and directly contact partners => Sigfox Partner Network For users 
  • If you are a partner (according Sigfox process), you will be able to publish your own content (company page and product pages) and to be contacted for business inquiries => Sigfox Partner Network for Partners
  • If you are not a Partner, you will need to submit your company and, once accepted, send a partnership request. We will then carefully consider your proposal.

Why should I create an account for me or my company?

 It's free and easy to create an online account, which will enable you to easily update your information. You will need an account to be able to:

  • Contact Partners with business requests for your IoT Project.
  • Create a list of your favorite companies and/or products.
  • Get notified when new partners and products are being added to Sigfox Partner Network.
  • Request to have your company listed on Sigfox Partner Network.

How can my company be publicly featured on Sigfox Partner Network?

There are two main processes for a company to be featured on Sigfox Partner Network:

  • General admission: companies that we believe could bring value to our current ecosystem for IoT related projects and that have not yet signed a partnership agreement with a Sigfox Operator or Sigfox.
  • Companies currently on-going a Sigfox Partnership agreement procedure or those with a Sigfox Partnership agreement.  

Who is responsible for the content?

 Every company is responsible for the content they put on their company and product pages. Sigfox is not responsible for company details and product except Sigfox Label : Sigfox Verified, Sigfox Ready and Sigfox Partner.  

Under which categories can Partners list their companies on Sigfox Partner Network?

 There are currently 14 categories :

  • Chip Makers provide transceivers or SoC (system on Chip) that will be needed to add Sigfox connectivity at the start of any connected device.
  • Design House provide specific electronic design for your hardware, if you need RF experts.
  • Module Makers provide the right module integrating Sigfox protocol.
  • Antenna Designers will help you to find or to design the right antenna for your Sigfox Device.
  • Manufacturers will include all sort of companies who can manufacture connected products for your needs, they can be OEM/ODM/EMS
  • Distributors have referenced one or several module makers or chip manufacturers and are best suited to sell you the electronics components you need.
  • Kit Makers are either module makers or chip manufacturers that are also producing evaluation kits for their components, or small companies specialized in powerful and specific development boards.
  • Device Makers develop all sort of devices that can be used on Sigfox Network.
  • Solution providers offer a package of one or several devices, a cloud app and Sigfox Connectivity
  • IOT Platform Providers offer a large range of solutions to manage data coming from connected devices (IaaS platforms, host business applications, vertical specific data platforms).
  • Consulting companies will be able to help you define the best path for your IoT project.
  • System Integrators are partners who have strong experience in rolling out connected solutions for big corporations and can integrate with their IT system.
  • Tech Hubs are incubators or accelerators where startups can start and get some help for their Sigfox development.
  • Sigfox Operators roll-out and commercialize Sigfox connectivity around the world. The full list of Sigfox Operators and their coverage is available on our coverage map.

How can I contact Sigfox Partner Network Team?

 You can contact us through two interfaces :

  • Ask your question on our live chat (INTERCOM) at the bottom right hand corner of the home page. We will reply as soon as possible (typically in a few hours).
  • Contact us directly to this email: partner-network@sigfox.com

Do I have to pay to be on Sigfox Partner Network?


Nevertheless,  Sigfox reserves the right to grant access to Sigfox Partner Network at its sole discretion.