With Fludia's solutions, it's so easy to manage energy!
Smart Sensors & Smart Data technologies developed by Fludia are dedicated to the measurement and analysis of electricity consumption.
Fludia is an eco-innovative company that develops universal smart and self-powered sensors to easily measure and analyse the consumption provided by electricity and gas meters. Technologies developed by Fludia are used by large companies in the Energy Efficiency field: integrators, utilities, energy specialists… and companies involved in projects related to AMR, smart building, smart grid, energy audit or energy monitoring. With more than 15000 electricity meter case studies and 4000 load curve data analytics, Fludia is recognized as an international energy efficiency expert with a high value track record.


BelSenso FM420

BelSenso FM420 is a universal device providing Automatic Reading feature to all types of electricity meters (electronic, disk, smart).

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