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Horanet conceives solutions based on embedded systems with human interaction

HORANET was founded in 1999 by Mr Jean-Michel Poupeau after he sold his first company Horoquartz (leader in time management).


HORANET specialized in two business sectors :

 - Horanet conceives solutions based on embedded systems with human interaction and equipped with (a) NFC sensor(s). Such devices can be fit in terminals for time and presence management or physical access control.

 - Horanet also particularly conceived the Lysbox solution (property of ‘Conseil Général du Loiret’): 7,000 IoT boxes (‘Lysbox’), running on the Sigfox network, have been installed at the homes of beneficiaries of personalized autonomy allowances, such box aiming at managing, remotely, the social/care workers’ interventions at the beneficiaries’ homes.

Such concept can be extended to many other applications / services.


- Horanet is also a renowned software publisher for local authorities, providing them with specific solutions helping them manage various local public services addressed to ‘their’ citizens/inhabitants/population, i.e. : e-registration, e-booking, e-ticketing, e-invoicing, e-payment and access control for services such as :

o    Waste Recycling Management – Fee Incentive System

o    Sports / Leisure / Aquatic Centers & Facilities

o    Culture & Museums

o    Public Transport

o    ‘Citizen Web Portal’ – dematerializing Public Services

Horanet provides expert applications on each sector AND a FMS platform concentrating the link to all their services and subscriptions for each citizen/family/user through a web portal, one-stop social services functionalities, permitting unified invoicing



ProximaBox is conceived for any application needed human interaction and is equipped with NFC and temperature sensor

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