LACROIX Electronics

Partner in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) from design to production
Specialised in the development, industrialisation, production and integration of electronics assemblies and sub-assemblies.

 Electronics Manufacturing Services   - Connected technologies for smarter industries 

 LACROIX Electronics is the only company positioned in Europe for offers incorporating:

  • Time-To-Market, we offer you a CDM "Contract Design for Manufacturing " package which will make it possible to reduce marketing timescales for the product.
  • Time-To-Volume, with our production sites in Eastern Europe and North Africa we are able to offer you a low-cost package.

 LACROIX Electronics is an important European player in the following business sectors:

 LACROIX Electronics aims mainly at three types of companies:

  • Key accounts that wish to externalize all or part of their production and to refocus on their core business,
  • Industrial groups not specialized in electronics and looking for concrete solutions, or more generally for skills in order to develop & produce electronic features to be integrated in their products,
  • Start-ups that need experts in electronics to develop & produce innovating products.