We connect things to the internet that don't have a plug.
A powerful Measurment and Control platform for the internet of things.

 We connect things to the  internet that don’t have a plug. 

Our powerful platform of devices can measure and control many variables including, temperature, acceleration,  location tracking and more. Our goal is to provide clients access into the IoT world with products that are affordable, easy to manage and  fully scalable.  

We provide  clients easy access into the Internet of things world. 

Our products are  affordable, simple to manage and highly scalable. Our set-it and  forget-it platform allows users to collect data from millions of  connected devices with little to no upkeep. The platform is secure, fast and easy to implement. 

This powerful system allows endless opportunities.  


mcDemo 205 kit

Everything you need to get started with mcDemo 205

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Dev Kit

mcDemo 205

The mcDemo205 is the world’s most powerful IoT module. It combines SIGFOX™, GNSS, and the new mc-Air™ Low Power LAN protocol into one device.

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