MCS 360

100% Sigfox certified system with sensors and applications
MCS360 is a division of Telecom Design, who produces the MCS Box.

Telecom Design is a subsidiary of INS Group. Some other successful innovative projects (Atlantic Network Systems, Kirrio, Homerider Systems…) were developed within INS Group since its creation in 1996.

Since 2010, the board has been fully focusing on Telecom Design - taking advantage of the cutting-edge expertise in Machine to Machine field acquired during those 15 years of experience - to overcome new challenges.

Nowadays, the main goal of Telecom Design is to strengthen its leadership in the worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem, offering innovative products and solutions for all sort of businesses. In order to improve the readability of its global strategy, the board of Telecom Design decided in 2015 to split the company into 3 different divisions (Business Units), which have their own identity, their own markets, their own offers and their own customers.



The first autonomous protection solution

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