IoT company
"iQmenic" IoT platform for managing wireless sensors networks
Nexmachina Solutions S.L., Nexmachina onwards- is a technology-based business project, its main objective is the development of technological infrastructure for businesses and smart cities and their exploitation at a national and international level. Its field of specialization focuses on products for the IoT with communications and wireless technologies.

The iQMENIC platform is
·      a modular, scalable and competitive to manage smart and connected sensors
·      presenting information to the user in an intelligible manner and through multiplatform devices
·      to facilitate subsequent monetization.
The iQMENIC platform has been designed separating the sensor nodes from the applications which will allow to design specific approaches for different markets and to interoperate with the existing IoT platforms and existing sensor manufacturers and other IoT players. All products developed using Sigfox communication system will be able to use iQmenic as the platform.



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