Time for smart parking
ParkingMap creates innovative smart parking solutions. We are Reducing the time wasted looking for a parking spot and the traffic induced, decreasing the fraud rate, and encouraging multimodality

ParkingMap propose a global toolset of mobile and web applications based on “on-street” sensors to provide real time vision of car park information to drivers and governments.


Today drivers loose too much time looking for a vacant parking spot. We talk about 78Million of hours lost every year in France! 30% of Traffic congestion is due to people turning around looking for a vacant parking spot. Reducing this congestion will decrease the greenhouses gas emissions. Fraud is also a real issue for cities. In Paris the fraud rates reach 80%. Which means that every year It is a 400M€ loss of earnings for Paris.   

In a nutshell Smart parking must save time, reduce stress, fraud and bottle necks but also boost neighborhoods, encourage car sharing, electric cars, etc.

Smart Parking is an essential tool to build the tomorrow’s urban mobility


ParkingMap has now developed a wide vision of smartparking solutions and propose a global set of web and mobile solutions to handle car park issues. We provide turnkey solutions based on "on-street" sensors to generate datas and map the cities car parks in realtime.