The IoT Company

Connecting everything everywhere
The IoT Company is sensor, connectivity and network specialist who provide many different sensors on LP-WAN technology. We relieve our customers in their IoT projects.

Besides people, things are also online. For instance, machines, waste containers, lights, bikes, measurement instruments, etc. They form a huge structure called the “Internet of Things”. The Internet of Things offers endless opportunities. However, in the near future, the internet of things is expected to improve production processes and services, and will be able to offer solutions for problems relating to energy and the environment, safety, industry, healthcare and the education system.  The IoT Company makes sure the “Internet of Things“ can be implemented within your organisation. The IoT Company can use sensors to offer you an insight into your processes. These sensors provide data, which we convert into legible information that you can use effectively. In concrete terms, it allows you to save time and money in your business processes. You will know what is going on in your organisation and where savings can be made. In addition, using the IoT for your products and services can allow you to better meet the needs of your customers.


The IoT CountR

The IoT CountR is a sensor who detect presence and moving

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