Xirgo Technologies: Provider of high-scale, customized hardware solutions for the IoT revolution.

Xirgo Technologies is a privately-held company that started in 2006. Our in-house disciplines include: hardware design and manufacturing, embedded firmware development, analog/digital/ RF expertise, and mechanical/ sustaining engineering. We provide customized solutions for companies to improve their operational efficiencies and open new revenue channels.    

Along with our in-house capabilities, our modular design philosophy has enabled Xirgo Technologies to considerably reduce new product "time to market" cycles. Xirgo Technologies holds a manufacturing run rate that is respectably high in the IoT/ M2M space. These are major contributors to our success in attaining and retaining customers since our inception. 

At Xirgo Technologies, we have an unsurpassed commitment to being an indispensable business partner for all customers, across all verticals.