An end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) sensoring platform to build smart and connected environments based on intelligent sensoring solutions.


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Envisense is an end-to-end solution, from sensors to insights. The platform connects various sensors from a portfilio of vendors using communication networks like Sigfox to a cloud-based software solution. The platform gives you vertical-specific insights that matter for your business.

"Assets" are the heart of the platform. It can be a Truck – Building – Parking – River – Shopping street - Road - Trailer – Light mast – Waste bin – Stable - Factory... You name it. An asset can be both a static or a moving object.

The insights are based on the type of sensors that are used. We provide insights for:

  • Water & waste: Level-measurements using wireless ultrasonic levelsensor
  • People counting: Based on detection of wireless signatures from smartphones
    (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and open camera technology
  • Smart mobility: Wireless traffic flow measurement, parking availability and ANPR numberplate recognition
  • Asset tracking: Tracking of non-powered assets using GPS, Spot-IT or Bluetooth/Wifi
  • Single-push or I/O: Generic button interface or I/O contact to send alerts, sms, email or any other generic action
  • Environment: Giving insights into environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, noise, air quality, water levels, …

Next to that, Envisense provides an open API for integration purposes.

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Commercially Available

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