C2M automates complex business processes through Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT) while allowing them to remaining totally agile and friendly to change.

C2M is a three layered IoT and Digital Transformation platform that has a vast set of built-in functionality such as Connectivity, Device Management, Big Data, Analytics supporting Machine Learning, Visualization, Event Management/Streaming Analytics and Business Workflows. Three layers include Connect, Analyze and Workflow: 


C2M’s wizard-based connectivity layer dynamically and securely connects to any data source and normalizes all data to allow for real-time comparison and mashing. Seamlessly connect to smart devices, API’s, databases, IT systems and enterprise platforms dynamically and regardless of protocol. The C2M Connect wizard enables quick and easy connection setup without the need for coding. The big data collected from disparate sources can be viewed in real-time and easily applied to Analyze and Workflow layers to enable events and better decision making. C2M Connect layer simplifies digital and IoT integration into business projects and applications so development and integration is seamless.  


Big Data storage and Analytics provides valuable insight into all integrated and connected aspects of an organization or system. C2M’s Analytic layer provides a simple drag and drop visualization and real-time analytic feed builder. Accelerate big data driven decisions by building custom business dashboards that empower executives to quickly consume large amounts of data and gain insight into current business states. Use the event engine to easily set up data driven events and notifications that further automate machine and people processes.    


The Workflow layer makes value of all connected data sources and analytics by applying process automation to existing or new events. C2M Workflow layer offers a complete solution to convert legacy processes within organizations to agile, web-based, efficient and streamlined processes. C2M Workflow automation offers a drag-and-drop environment that caters to ever-changing business requirements, delivering much needed process automation without an expensive re-haul of IT systems. Model complex processes with ease and seamlessly integrate workflows into new or existing applications.    



Comprehensive, Low Cost, Hyper Scalable, Secure IoT Platform. Includes:--Edge connector plus platform--Connectivity--Big Data Storage--Analytics--Dashboarding--Business Workflows. Added Features: --Code Free--device & service management--OMA DM & LWM2M--highly interoperable across IT systems, databases, spreadsheets etc--real time and historic--

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