Comprehensive, Low Cost, Hyper Scalable, Secure IoT Platform.
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Click – Drag – Drop – Done!    You can be Next!

C2M (C2M.net) is an IoT and Digital Transformation platform that helps enterprises build IoT solutions very rapidly, and at a low cost. It works across industry verticals and has been deployed at some of the world's largest corporations.  It also works with several hundreds of devices, sensors, IT systems, and platforms. Virtually any source of data can be connected to the platform in a matter of a few minutes. You can build enterprise grade solutions in a few days. Best of all? It is a code-free platform!

C2M has it all. You do not need to buy multiple platforms. Its vast set of built-in functionality includes Connectivity, Device Management, Big Data, Analytics supporting Machine Learning, Visualization, Event Management/Streaming Analytics and even Business Workflows.

Pure magic: C2M’s wizard-based connectivity layer dynamically and securely connects to any data source and normalizes all data to allow for real-time comparison and mashing. Seamlessly connect to smart devices, APIs, databases, IT systems and enterprise platforms dynamically and regardless of protocol. 

Simply drag & drop - C2M’s Analytic layer provides a simple drag and drop visualization and real-time analytic feed builder. Use the event engine to take actions - whether it is a machine or human interaction.   

Achieve a highly  Sophisticated process automation using the built-in Workflow capability. Model complex processes with ease and seamlessly integrate workflows into new or existing applications.  

It is time for a quiz :) 

-Which IoT platform supports an advanced smart city in California manage waste water?

-Which IoT platform is hyper scalable with built-in elasticity that supports nodal deployments?

-Which IoT platform allows users to onboard hundreds of devices within a few minutes?

-Which platform is used by one of the world's largest wireless company to onboard ALL of their new IoT devices

-Which platform has been used by another pretigious wireless company to automate an extremely complex business process of a few thousand steps?

-Which platform is able to bake a cake for you?  Clue: The answer to this question is not the same as the rest of the above

Note - Please do not cheat on this quiz. Answers to this quiz are published on C2M.net   

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