MasterOfThings IoT AEP (MoT)

Use MasterOfThings to build your complete applications from sensors to end users in hours. MoT was announced by Sigfox to be the easiest platform to create IoT Apps.
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MasterOfThings (MoT) is an IoT Application Enablement Platform with an End-to-End approach from sensors to end users. It provides easy to use visual/graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment) specialized in IoT application development.

Solution providers, developers, System Integrators or industry verticals and their expertise can quickly build complete IoT/M2M applications with a drag and drop ease of use in hours. With MoT drag and drop features, It is so easy to build applications to visualize, monitor, analyze the data on the fly and take prompt decisions or actions. Apply actions on an external system (CRM, Billing, etc.) as well as Actuators or Smart meters.

MoT comes with optional applications out of the box for Alarm Management, Task/ticket management and basic Asset management application. These are applications are provided with its source code and documentation on how to customize it according to customer needs as we know that these applications are needed for any IoT & m2m implementations.

MoT is designed with telecom grade scale-ability and performance requirements in mind.

MasterOfThings is highlighted by SigFox as the platform of the month in SigFox news letter for October 2015 for its ease of use, technical capabilities as well as quick and simple integration to SIGFOX ready devices. No code, just plug, decode device payload and play.

Downloadable resources
  • MasterOfThings IoT AEP Features-Specs Summary 1.3.pdf
  • Master Of Things - Product Description v 3.6.2.pdf

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Commercially available


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