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With hundreds of proprietary systems, it is difficult for cities, utilities and authorities to understand and select amongst all these complex hardware systems, without the insurance to purchase a future-proof solution. Thanks to the Streetlight.Vision (SLV) Central Management Software, cities, utilities and authorities can issue tenders to first select an open Central Management Software and, in a second phase, issue tenders to select wireless or power line Smart City sensors or Streetlight Control Systems that are compatible with this Central Management Software. Cities cannot afford to be locked in, nor to use different CMS for various parts of the city.

The SLV Central Management Software collects data from hundreds of thousands of devices, including SIGFOX devices, aggregates these data, analyzes them and delivers value-added information, features and services for cities to better manage their assets, reduce costs and increase efficiency. The SLV Central Management Software is the only software on the market that is open to any hardware and protocol.
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Commercially Available

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