Nash Tec

Nash Tec, your international telematics partner!
Nash Tec, your international telematics partner!
Nash Tec, your international telematics partner !
Nash Tec is a French-Canadian company with a strong expertise in telematics and GPS technologies. Nash Tec thus answer the needs of many industrial on mobility market, for over 20 years.
Pioneer in fleet management, Nash Tec is master of the whole chain of its solutions:
  • Hardware: from design to manufacturing of our products
  • Software: design and coding of our programs / web interface / apps

Since the early 90s, Nash Tec has integrated the successive new communication technologies: GPRS, 3G, 4G, passive RFID, active RFID...

And now ...
UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) dedicated to connected things.

Nash Tec is your business partner, always attentive, flexible, responsive, and efficient!

Nash Tec, the preferred specialist for all your high-tech and engineering projects !



NashTag™, your standalone GPS tracker!

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Commercially Available

NashTag Solution

Self-powered GPS asset tracker

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Commercially Available