NashTag™, your standalone GPS tracker!


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NashTag™ presentation : 

NashTag™ is a self-powered GPS asset tracker. 

NashTag™ also offers a temperature sensor and a motion sensor, allowing additional features activation.    

Avantages of NashTag™ :  

  • An  industrial product 
  • Long autonomy : up to 12 years (depends on the configuration)
  • High precision
  • Resistant to jamming :      inviolable (frequency changes 100 times/seconde)
  • No sim card : work with the worldwide SIGFOX network dedicated to the IoT 
  • Temporal use choice : there are 5 potential scenarios
  • Certified by sigfox : guarantee of reliability
  • French design and manufacture : meets the ISO 9001 and 14 001 standards  
  • Several functions on request : rear tailboard opening sensor, indoor tracking (tunneling), temperatures      monitoring, motion detection, geofencing, hygrometry, odometer, etc…  

Feel free to precise your needs, we have the solution!

More info :

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Sigfox Ready

Class 1



Commercially Available

Production capabilities: 1,000-10,000 items

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)120 x 66 x 42
Weight220 gr
Sensorstemperature, GPS, accelerometer, proximity
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life12 Years
Flashable FirmwareNo

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