Leading turnkey solution dedicated to putting business users' data to good use
Leading turnkey solution dedicated to putting business users' data to good use

Founded in 2011, OpenDataSoft provides a Cloud-based turnkey platform designed for smart and easy transformation of all types of data and APIs into innovative services. Our solution offers simple, out-of-the-box support for the real-time sensor data that is at the heart of tomorrow’s smart cities as well as data from existing IT systems.

A missing link between data producers and data users

OpenDataSoft has been developed for business users, not technical ones. With its user-friendly back-end interface, data and APIs are collected, processed and published in a few clicks. Our platform also offers a wide range of exciting possibilities for building interactive visualizations.

A universal adaptor

Data come in a wide range of forms and units of measure and can be collected from many devices: smart watches, buses, sensors, personal weather stations, connected scales, traffic cameras, badges, nanosensors, etc. OpenDataSoft has put together a platform that plugs to any existing system of structured data (database, API, M2M…) and then enables its users to easily aggregate and bring value to all their data in one unified hub.

Helping create smart city ecosystems centered on data

Headquartered in Paris, France, OpenDataSoft is here to help all companies and governments integrated in a Smart City ecosystem. 

The company powers data sharing portals for customers such as the City and County of Durham, the Town of Cary, the City of Paris and the Paris Regional Government, the City of Brussels, Veolia, m2ocity, the French Ministry of the Interior, Total, Saint-Gobain and the French National Railway Company. The company has offices in Europe and North America, and serves Australian and EMEA markets through partnerships.



Data collection, exploration and API-fication are easy at last

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