OpenDataSoft Platform

Data collection, exploration and API-fication are easy at last.
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Serving as a dual purpose Open Data Portal and Smart City Datahub, the OpenDataSoft platform was designed for business users without technical knowledge. Without a line of code, they can cross-reference buses’ real-time positions with traffic data to calculate new routes on the fly. They can anticipate when to ship their stock by cross-referencing sales history with meteorological data.

The platform can be deployed on a cloud provider of a customer’s choice. Its SaaS model and extreme scalability enable small, medium and large governments, as well as companies and utilities, to easily open access (privately or publically) to IoT/M2M datasets containing hundreds of millions of rows. 

To maximize the development of innovative new services from smart city data, the entire platform was also designed with an “API-first” philosophy, and includes an optional integrated monetization system.

Features and capabilities

  • 100% cloud-based infrastructure
  • Automatically generated APIs
  • Various options for interactive data visualizations: tables, charts, graphs, maps, picture galleries, calendars, etc.
  • Data collection from many sources: smart watches, buses, sensors, personal weather stations, connected scales, traffic cameras, badges, nanosensors, etc.
  • Fully customizable portals’ look and feel
  • Content editor for building editorial pages (data storytelling)
  • Fine-tuned security rules & access rights



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