Your partner in Managed Electro Mobility
Powerdale is a solution provider for Energy management and Electro-Mobility solutions
Energy Management is a major challenge for the future. Powerdale is therefore developing a professional use sub-metering system, providing full-service from data capture to detailed dashboard consumption reports (natural gas, electricity, water, compressed air, steam and other), including use predictions based on statistical models and alerts in case of unexpected consumption.
Powerdale has developed an electrical mobility product line for home and corporate customers. It is a complete solution including a powerful and innovative charging station and an IT platform supporting all processes, from connection to payment.
The products developed by Powerdale make the best use of the available energy: we size and integrate the charging infrastructure in the energy system of the customer,we integrate the production from local Renewable Energy Sources, we provide load management to avoid a local congestion or a cost hike.


Nexxtender Mobile

The nexxtender Mobile is a communicating cable allowing to charge any type of electrical vehicle.

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Commercially Available