We create any SIGFOX device, just ask!
TST is a leading IoT design house with large experience and above state-of-the art staff and equipment to provide you the best Sigfox devices you can imagine

In TST we know how to create great IoT devices and, of course, we love to do so using Sigfox.  Inside one of the most promising telecom group in Spain (Celestia Technologies Croup), TST is able to help you create the most adequate IoT product to cover your needs. We have the equipment and staff covering HW design, antenna design, prototype creation, device manufacturing, embedded SW development, desktop/web/mobile SW development, product testing and validation and product RF pre-certification (with one of the largest anechoic chambers in Europe). 

TST also offers a range of products for the Smart City and the Industrial IoT, having at this stage two Sigfox Ready products: Our successful TSwasTe level sensor, being the 1st one of its kind deployed largely with Sigfox, and our largely customizable TSmarT TSconTrol Industrial IoT device, presenting a wide set of connectivity options and suitable for a large range of IoT applications such as: energy efficiency, smart agriculture, water quality management, etc

So when embarking your exciting new IoT project, talk to the experts, talk to TST.



The TSwasTe is a device that will help you to deploy a fast, flexible and economic street-waste management.

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Commercially Available


A module wireless communications platform

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Dev Kit
Commercially Available