The TSwasTe is a device that will help you to deploy a fast, flexible and economic street-waste management.
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It can be easily installed in most of the common waste containers or any other storage tank.Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, it is able to monitor different waste management related parameters such as the waste level, the temperature or the container position. By using the bi-directional communication feature the device supports the advanced functionality of remote configuration and re-programming via web software interface.

The TSwasTe enclosure is made of injected high density polyethylene, the same material used in most waste containers. The material is shock resistant, and optimized to work under extreme weather conditions. It will protect the device in a harsh environment with frequent garbage collection and cleaning procedures, specially protecting from the chemical substances used.

The TSwasTe is a stand-alone device enabled to send data directly to Sigfox network.A management software is provided to show the information in a friendly web user interface allowing advanced features as device configuration, statistic records, alarms and user management. 



Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_0017_888A_01


Commercially available

Technical Details

Product casing
Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No


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