Alizent IIoT Platform

The IoT Platform devoted to Industrial assets!
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Industries need 100% asset reliability to ensure a continuous customer supply process and deliver the best possible quality of service to their own customers. Our IoT Platform helps them to overcome this challenge by connecting their industrial assets on the field.

What our Platform brings:

  • Valuable & actionable data that you can trust
  • Real-time analysis & visibility on asset status deviations
  • Rapid implementation of necessary actions to secure operations
  • Secured end customer supply continuity
  • Improved productivity

Key differentiators:

  • Global: With 11 offices in the world, our Platform can be deployed globally and with a local relay on the field
  • Agnostic: Any industrial asset and any IoT device can be connected through dedicated connectors
  • Personalizable: Possibility to develop on top applications to fill the gap between current functionalities and your specific needs  
  • Integrated: Push & share data to your other applications & systems
  • Scalable: Possibility of fast deployment and evolution thanks to a microservice architecture (AWS) 

Key functionalities:

  • Configure your alarms based on your own rules & parameters
  • Be notified in real time in case of alarms
  • Track & route alarms depending on their criticality and your team schedules. Be sure not to be disturbed by a non-critical alarm, or on the contrary, be sure alarms are routed to the right team at the right time in case of a critical situation
  • Reflect the way your business & operations are organized, through configuration of roles & entities, roles & rights, user profiles etc
  • Customize data display according to different criteria and create your own tags to filter data based on your needs   

Key figures:

  • 19 000 assets connected
  • 27 000 IoT devices connected
  • 41 countries covered
  • More than 1000 users
  • 3 languages installed (english, french, german) & possibility to install other languages through a translation module
  • +2 millions data points every day
Downloadable resources
  • IIoT Platform - Alizent.pdf

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Commercially available


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