Atmosphere is a robust, integrated and highly scalable platform that gives IoT developers what they need to build, connect and manage embedded-to-cloud solutions.
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Commercially availableJan, 2019

 Quickly develop and affordably deploy cloud-based IoT solutions. 

With a full suite of pre-integrated IoT building blocks, Atmosphere takes you from concept to connected device with less effort, risk, time and money.  

Rapidly create projects though Atmosphere’s unique drag-and-drop elements, blocks of pre-made code that perform a variety of functions, from reading embedded sensors to sending commands from the cloud directly to your device. Connect elements together and bring your ideas closer to market.  

With Atmosphere Studio IDE, you can simultaneously develop firmware for your embedded device, design a mobile app that interacts with your device, and integrate cloud connectivity that sends and stores data on the cloud. Build a compelling proof of concept in just a few minutes all from within Atmosphere. 

Atmosphere currently supports the NXP Rapid IoT Prototyping kit and the Espressif ESP32. Additional devices and communication protocols are in our roadmap for quarterly releases. All Developer accounts are free and include 5 devices provisioned in the cloud with 10MB of data each. Additional paid account levels with more devices, storage and features will be available in 2019. 



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Commercially availableJan, 2019


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