With the AUSEMIO platform, it is possible to quickly create customised systems for automated device maintenance, SLA management, automatic ticketing, helpdesk as well as filed service management.
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AUSEMIO 4 SNO is the name of the product edition created on the AUSEMIO platform. This edition is designed specifically for sigfox network operators. 

AUSEMIO 4 SNO is focused on automated service management. This product includes the full scope of SLA control over service providers for sigfox network operators. The main benefits are:

  • Automatic real-time the data collection from sigfox backend.
  • Customized issue management process, allowing you to work with multiple service organizations.
  • Customer defined key performance metrics and their display on the dashboard.
  • Calculation and reporting of service contract parameters as well as fines resulting from their breach.
  • Provide the necessary data for fast diagnosis, ideal for two clicks.
  • Significant increase in response rate for fault reporting and / monitored statuses, which also greatly supports mobile application for service technicians.



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