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Turn your sensor data into actionable insights.
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Commercially availableJul, 2019

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One Platform. Does it all. 

Give your sensor solutions a central control room to oversee it all and enable your business to act faster than ever before. Blockbax provides easy integrations, unlimited storage and an advanced rules engine to empower real-time applications in all use cases. 

The Blockbax Platform.

All features you'd expect from a platform to process high volumes of sensor measurements:

  • Visualization by rich, customizable dashboards with advanced features to drill down to more granular levels  to directly see where to take action
  • Advanced event rule engine to configure event logic with ease for any use case
  • Get notified about events in real-time
  • Distinguish anomalies and trends over time
  • Intuitive insights & deep analysis on all metrics of sensors
  • Web and mobile access to always have your sensor data at hand
  • Ingested metrics, like temperature, to keep track of the sensor measurements
  • Calculated metrics which are composed of multiple metrics and other values
  • Simulated metrics to mimic any use case you like

All the technical things you would expect. 

Focus on the things that matter by trusting in a fully managed platform. 

  • Speed and scalability - We do the heavy-lifting with our resilient and auto-scaling processing resources and storage capacity 
  • Fully managed - Do not worry about managing your stack with our proven, horizontally scalable and fully managed platform 
  • Security by design - Engineered from the ground up with security in mind, enforced at multiple levels and end-to-end encryption of your sensor data 
  • Extensibility - Freedom to connect sensors with support for all major standards and protocols 
  • APIs - Integrate with ease using REST, and automate in real-time using webhooks and websockets 
  • Fog on the Edge - Our Agent can be installed on-premise and facilitate data mapping, filtering and pre-calculations at your source. 

Empower all experts in your organization.  

Everything your team needs to act faster than ever before. 

  • Technician -  Self-service access to all crucial information and have complete control over when and how you are notified. 
  • Data Scientist -  All data at your disposal via friendly APIs. Deploy your machine learning models to be applied in real-time. 
  • App developer -  Let your application become real-time. Use our webhooks to receive real-time triggers of events that matter. 
  • IT Operations -  No more servers running out of capacity. Focus on the things that matter by trusting in a fully managed platform. 
  • OT Operations - Let the Blockbax agent help you to make your sensor data ready to use and send it over the platform
  • Manager -  Have an integral overview of all-important events and make the right decisions as quickly as possible in every use case. 

 All data originates as fast data, why wait to analyze and act on it?   



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Commercially availableJul, 2019


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