Together with our CleverFarm platform, we are bringing a robust portfolio of sensors to the agriculture industry.
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Commercially availableJan, 2018

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Our sensor platform is an integral part of the CleverFarm application through which you can monitor all sensors installed on your farm. Activate the sensor simply by marking its  location on the map. You can keep even display the historical locations of all your senors, to see how they’ve been repositioned over thim. All the technical details you need are all in one place, including: details of the last data package sent by each sensor, as well as their signal strength and battery level. Our REAST API interface is available for integration into third party solutions.


Our platform has an admin section for easily managing all of your sensors across all of your user accounts. You can search sensors using their external ID or type and assign/reassign them to a relevant user. 


You can display the daily, monthly and weekly statistics. You can even see historical measurements from previous locations of the sensors.


Sensor data can be exported in XLS format, where you can see particular measurements captured by the sensor over a selected time period. 


We are preparing configuration of alerts for sensors that can activate if some predefined value threshold is reached or exceeded.

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  • CleverFarm-Agri-Solution.pdf

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Commercially availableJan, 2018
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