The CleverFarm is farm management platform that integrates available innovations in agriculture sector with the strong focus on sustainable development.
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Farm Management 

This core part of the application keeps track of all your agronomic activities such as ploughing, sowing, fertilization, application of plant protection chemistry and harvest. It has a power-full map environment, allowing drawing of parcels based on the very high-resolution aerial/satellite imagery and creation or management of annual crop plan. With CleverFarm, you can keep track of your storage and have a constant overview of your remaining stock – such as seeds, fertilizers or plant protection products; and their movement. You will, for example, easily avoid running out of spraying. Powerful reporting tool provides various reports about activities, usage of fertilizers and chemicals. Detailed global service for the site-specific weather forecast is under development. Available weather radar data for Europe will be integrated.


Online IoT sensors 

We are the first bringing complex portfolios of sensors to the farming industry. Thanks to the Sigfox IoT technology, you will be always perfectly informed about what is going on in your filed or granary ‒ without actually going there. IoT meteorological station provides online information about weather conditions on your farm. Field sensor provides crucial information for pest/plant disease prediction and monitoring. Sensors for post-harvest storage/silo play important role in the monitoring of the quality of yield. Soil sensors then monitor soil moisture and are used for irrigation management. Conditions within stables and poultry breeding to ensure animal welfare is monitored by our stable sensor. To strengthen the decisions on the farm, grow more effectively and secure the harvest, all these thanks to CleverFarm online sensors.

Precision farming and remote monitoring

Using images of Copernicus programme, Landsat, and SPOT-6 satellites, you can easily monitor your crop growth, and to quickly prepare a variable fertilization map. Save the material, protect the environment and increase the yield.  Within CleverFarm, you have an access to current images of your farm and plots and to a complete image history several years back. 

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Business cases

The Astur Straskov farm has everything it needs, all in one app

Astur Staskov’s experience with CleverFarm 

“We were one of CleverFarm’s first clients, and we will remain so for a long time. Not only is the company easy to work with, but the convenience of having all necessary information about our land and crops in a single app is a game-changer. We are immediately informed of any potential problems with our stored harvest and can address them right away. For example, if we notice an increase in temperature, we can check for, and eliminate, pests before they have a chance to multiply. Thanks to how easy the app is to use, managing our farm is now quicker and easier. We even save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process. In total, CleverFarm helps us to run our farm more efficiently and helps to reduce our operating costs.”


The farm is located in one of the driest areas inside the Czech Republic. In 2016 they began their cooperation with CleverFarm to help improve the cultivated land and natural conditions. The main goal was to be more efficient, so they implemented IoT sensors as well as meteorological stands both in the fields and inside their storage areas. They also streamlined their land management with the CleverAssets application.


Cooperation with CleverFarm led to the installation of meteorological stands (equipped with leaf-moisture sensors), temperature sensors, several sensors installed in their fields, and 17 rod sensors in their post-harvest storage halls. As with any post-harvest storage, they used to have a high risk of developing pests or mold. But by adding the 17 rod sensors, they were able not only to fight against this problem, but were able to replace their existing system of conventional thermometers and hygrometers.

Because the sensors are automatically monitoring important measurements (e.g. temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, atmospheric pressure, etc.), the farm was able to set up their irrigation system much more precisely. By having sensors spread across different cadastral areas, they were able to calculate total amounts of precipitation and set up smart fertilization systems (calculating how much fertilizer to apply, and where). The CleverFarm sensors are transmitting their measurements to the cloud every 15 minutes, which can be conveniently viewed inside the CleverFarm app. Our sensors measure changes of temperature, which can be a major indicator that some problem may be developing. This allows Astur Straškov to investigate and resolve the problem quickly – before major damage occurs. Not only is this a more effective solution, but it also saves them time because they can monitor the measurements inside the app instead of having to go through each hall to check manually (which often results in insufficient harvest protection). This allows them to store a harvest longer, which often leads to higher selling prices.

Another important factor in Astur Straškov’s comprehensive IoT solution are the metreological stations which we installed out in their fields. Among other things, they can measure the amount of moisture on the leaves of the crops. This measurement can predict important risks such as the occurrence of fungal diseases on wheat, which when left untreated, can wipe out up to 60% of the potential yield.

Farm AGROSSyn saves time and money

The farm grows crops across 1150 hectares of agricultural land, all of which needs to be monitored regularly. The conditions of their farm are checked all day, every day, and all inside the app. This informs the farmers whether the crops are being attacked by pests or molds - not only out in the fields, but also inside the post-harvest halls or silos. If pests are detected, it is necessary to intervene quickly to minimize the risk of losing portions of the yield and incurring additional costs. In any case, prevention is much cheaper than fixing the problem once it’s started.


The AGROSSyn farm is quite large, meaning that in order to monitor the entire farm, it used to take the farmers a massive amount of time. The farm also wants to apply the principles of Precision Agriculture whenever possible to maximize sustainability. So they needed a system which would allow them to calculate and apply to exact amount of material needed for seeding, fertilizing, and protecting their crops from pests and disease. 


We met Mr. Bačina at the TechAgro trade fair where we introduced him to our rod sensors. These are 3.2 m long sticks, inserted into harvested crops in the post-harvest hall, where they measure their temperature at 5 different levels. The sensors then send real-time data to the CleverFarm application every 30 minutes. The agronomist can use this data to decide whether the crops need to be further aerated. Additionally, they can use data taken from meteorological stations installed directly in the individual fields to make key decisions about their farm management. They can decide if, where, and how to apply certain products to optimize the farms performance, all without having to physically inspect all locations across their vast amounts farmland.

„Without sensors, we wouldn’t be able to detect problems in the fields or storage in time, meaning that any damage we suffered would be several times greater.“

After three weeks of being installed in their wheat storage, the sensors began to detect higher temperatures in one layer of grain. Someone was sent to the site, who took a sample, tested it, and found the presence of a pest. The section was ultimately cleaned, aerated, and returned to the warehouse. Without this detection, the pest would multiply unchecked and end up causing a great deal of damage. Futhermore, thanks to the information they receive from our Satellite Imagery services, the AGROSSyn farm can always figure out the exact amount of fertilizer they need to use, and can continuously monitor the climate conditions in their fields using the CleverFarm application.

CleverFarm on the Ropice Golf Resort

This 18-hole golf course totals 6263 meters and is ranked among the top-10 golf courses in the Czech Republic. It is a popular destination for both pros and beginners alike. With elegant greens, a variety of natural features, numerous bunkers, and challenging land and water obstacles, it’s no wonder that this course hosts tournaments of the Czech Golf Federation every year. 


The current Greenkeeper for Ropice, Mr. Marek Filipčík, became interested in IoT-assisted irrigation techniques while we was on assignment to Cyprus. This led him to begin working with CleverFarm. Our cooperation resulted in the installation of 6 soil sensors out on the green, 3 meteorological stations, and finally a sensor designed to measure the temperature of the irrigation water. The golf resort also continually monitors the condition of the course with the help of satellite imagery.


Cooperation between CleverFarm and Ropice Golf Resort 

“Our two years of working with CleverFarm and implementing their products onto our golf course has made the everyday work of maintaining the course much easier. CleverFarm has a really great approach in determining how and where we should put our sensors – thanks to them, we now even have them in our putting greens. The sensors really help. We no longer have to physically go inspect the lawn and soil to check its conditions. Every 30 minutes the sensors send all of the relevant measurements directly to our cell phones. All the data is in one application, which is a major advantage over its competitors. Having a continual overview of the conditions of the course makes our work so much more effective. CleverFarm has become an inseparable part of the Ropice team.” Marek Filipcek Greenkeeper of Ropice Golf Resort. 

CleverFarm’s meteorological stations

The meteorological stations monitor humidity and precipitation, which are used to control the irrigation system of the course. They can also help predict diseases that can hurt the grass as well as predicts pest, especially guinea pigs.

CleverFarms’s soil sensors

Soil sensors are placed directly into the green and they monitor the temperature and humidity of the soil making up the green. This data is used to check that the irrigation system is functioning correctly. 

Sensors at the water pump 

Because keeping the turf at the highest quality is so important, even details such as the temperature of the irrigation water is necessary. The temperature sensor at the water pump ensures that the water stays within a preferable temperature range and that grass stays perfect. 

Cleverfarm’s satellite data 

Ropice Golf Resort uses satellite data from CleverFarm, including satellite imagery, to evaluate which parts of their course needs more water or fertilizer. They can even create customized irrigation and fertilization routines to apply just the right amounts that each area needs. This minimizes the amount of water and fertilizer that must be used, which keeps the soil’s natural balance from being disrupted. This also saves water in an area that is prone to persistent drought. Overall this helps the environment and reduces costs for the resort. Satellite imagery is also used to monitor conditions of the green, and to ensure that it remains at the highest of quality at all times. Marek Filipcek Greenkeeper of Ropice Golf Resort


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