MeteoHelix IoT Pro & allMETEO portal

Research grade weather station with portal & weather map.
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Commercially availableDec, 2019
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All-in-one micro-weather station MeteoHelix with allMETEO weather portal and weather map.

  • Solar powered with up to 6 months without sun
  • Simple to install and to setup
  • Wireless data every 10 minutes with no wires & no antenna
  • Precision to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards
  • Rugged and precise in extreme climates
  • Helical design is self cleaning and catches dirt on the outside to keep internal sensors clean
  • Includes access to weather portal for weather station management, data visualization, weather forecasts, weather plots, data export, website widgets and weather map.
Downloadable resources
  • MeteoHelix Rain Gauge Connection Guide.pdf
  • MeteoHelix IoT Pro DataSheet 201907.pdf
  • MeteoHelix IoT Pro Options & Price 201907.pdf
  • MeteoHelix IoT Pro & allMeteo Portal Quick Guide 201907.pdf

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Commercially availableDec, 2019

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Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Sample available


Where to buy ?

This product is available through distributors.

Business cases

Agricultural weather station

Precision agriculture being reliant on high-quality data is one of the main markets for the MeteoHelix. Benefits from its superb measurement accuracy can be realized in all agricultural applications ranging from wine growers to greenhouse operators and small and large farms alike. The self cleaning properties of the helical shape permit the MeteoHelix weather stations to maintain longterm measurement stability without regular maintenance. Measuring all of the most important agricultural meteorological parameters like rain, sunshine, air temperature, humidity, dew and frost point, atmospheric pressure, they offer the best value for precision of all leading agricultural weather stations.


Precision maintenance free meteorological measurement for agricultural and greenhouse applications.


Special patented helical design permits the most accurate air temperature measurement available on the market. See World Meteorological News article: 

Smart city climatic weather station per WMO standards

Immune to the effects of heat radiating from buildings, this one-of-a-kind patented helical design weather station features rain, sunshine, air temperature, humidity, dew and frost point, atmospheric pressure measurments. 


Solves air temperature errors of weather stations in the sun due to proximity of walls or pavement.


Helical design of the MeteoHelix weather station just like that of the MeteoShield Pro and MeteoShield Standard solar radiation shields for professional meteorological sensors offers unsurpassed air temperature accuracy in urban environments where sun exposed pavement and building walls create large errors in all other weather station designs.

Personal weather station

Wireless personal weather station for your home with a revolutionary helical design is identical to the MeteoHelix IoT Pro and offers the same professional accuracy and long-term precision you can count on. Advantages of MeteoHelix’s helical shape:

  • professional precision, robustness and sensor protection
  • based on the design of MeteoShield Professional
  • comes with a strong stainless steel mount

(MeteoHelix IoT Pro comes with calibration certificates, while the Home version does not.)  


Personal weather stations, unless installed in a perfect location over short grass away from walls or fences do not produce accurate data. MeteoHelix solves this problem.


  1. Install the MeteoHelix® with one robust universal mount. 
  2. Open your PC or phone, enter the serial number in allMETEO and get instant access to your data. 

Professional precision. Easy to use for everyone.

Hurricane proof outer helical shell of this personal weather station is able to absorb impacts of flying debris and protects the internal sensors from direct dirt and rain exposure, while ensuring professional precision that meteorological departments can count on.


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