Connected Field Operations Application Cloud Platform

GeoPal is an IoT Connected Field Operations Application Cloud Platform. It transforms field operations processes for medium to large companies.
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GeoPal is an IoT Connected Field Operations Application Cloud Platform 

Our vision is to make our customers lives simpler and more successful through the use of our technology, and be the first choice globally for users who need to drive field operations process improvements. 

We deliver a unique combination of a IoT cloud platform coupled with a readily customisable agile layer that allows our customers to rapidly fully customised IoT based field Applications at zero technology risk, ten times quicker, and at one tenth of the cost than our competition swiftly making our customers lives immediately more successful and simpler

In collaboration with our customers, GeoPal’s team of experts deliver customised flexible, reliable and secure workforce mobility solutions that connect your remote assets and field workers, leveraging field data to immediately gain actionable insights improving field operations profitability, productivity and legal compliance 

For our customers we transform field operations processes for staff and assets, increasing utilization rates, contract profitability and legal compliance.

We deliver value in three main areas:

1.     Productivity -  Optimize the utilization rates of your field operations

2.     Profitability – Significantly increase the profitability of your contracts with complete visualization of field performance data

3.     Compliance  Significantly reduce claims and penalties with mandatory enforcement of compliance through field workflows

Key IoT Platform Features are:

  • Register all field assets
  • Set up service and maintenance schedules for all field assets
  • Visualisation of Asset Status on GeoPal.
  • Collect all IoT alarms 
  • Asset Status updated by IoT/M2M sensors in the field.
  • Asset Jobs autoamtically dispatched based on Rules entered in Rules Table
  • GeoPal can cater for thousands of IoT alarms per hour

The Value Proposition is :

  • 20% Increase in utilisation rates : Field workforce utilisation increased by 20% with productivity reports per contract captured in real-time. 
  • 50% Reduction in  Administration costs : Office administration costs reduced by 50% by eliminating paper processes and re-entry of field data. 
  • Reduced Billing Cycle : Book-to-bill window reduced from 6 weeks to instant billing with real-time job tracking and costing for each project. 
  • 25% increase in Project Profitability : Instant visibility into the health of projects allows management to drive out waste and increase profitability by 25%. 
  • 80% reduction in penalties. Significantly reduce claims and penalties by up to 80% 
  • 50% Increase in productivity 
  • 19% Increase asset availability
  • 3% Increase in total service revenue
  • 100% On-line asset status
  • 100% Alarms captured
  • MTBF, MTTF  + 10% improvemenst 
  • Asset availability +5%
  • Total service revenue + 3%

Downloadable resources
  • Industrial_Support_Services_GeoPal.pdf
  • GeoPal_Smart_City_Management.pdf
  • GeoPal_Smart_Facilities_Management.pdf
  • IoT_GeoPal.pdf

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Commercially available


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