Evaluation Kit and Extension Boards using the ATA8520 Single-Chip SIGFOX™ RF Transmitter.
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This application uses an Atmel ATmega328P AVR microcontroller to read out an AT30TS75A temperature sensor using the built-in TWI connection and controls the RF telegram transmission using the SIGFOX™™ ATA8520D V1.3 transceiver device. This application requires a SIGFOX™ base station infrastructure to capture the RF telegram and supply payload data at the SIGFOX™ back end of the SIGFOX™ Cloud. The Atmel ATA8520D SIGFOX™ transceiver is a SIGFOX™-certified device, which includes the complete SIGFOX™ protocol stack to operate in the SIGFOX™ network within the 868MHz ISM band.

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  • atmel-9372-smart-rf-ata8520_datasheet.pdf

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