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AGRUSDATA has as strategic objectives the Research, Development and Innovation in digital services applied for the agribusiness, including the development of innovative skills and technology transfer, through platforms, data aggregators, algorithms, mathematical formulas and IT infrastructure.  

Algorithms are mathematical formulas fed by sensor data and images, that we code and train to identify patterns and extract the information that will be the basis of the new digital agriculture field.  

Large amounts of data (collected in real time) in conjunction with meta data (properties), improves the development of models that results in cost reduction for the agribusiness.  The digital agriculture thus results from the creation and training of these algorithms composed by formulas that continously learn how to make suggestions and improvements, to each specific area of the crop, based on actual data collected from the field.  Agrusdata currently has the following trained algorithms available to customers:  

•Yield prediction 

•Estimate of probable harvest window.

•Plantation health

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