ED 1600 Tracker

Hi-Tech wireless M2M GPS-tracker in a compact housing.
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Hi-Tech wireless M2M GPS-tracker in a compact housing, mainly for container tracking purposes.

1M2M’s Generic Sensor module is battery operated and connected through the SIGFOXTM wireless network. It’s main purpose is to enable customers to have proof of concept for their ideas very fast. For this a large number of sensors is included inside the generic product, as well as numerous external interfaces.

To make it even easier for customers to implement a new idea very fast these units can be configured completely using the Embedded Ant Graphical User Interface. This is a graphical tool that allows applications to be designed, simulated and tested on the unit itself without any programming knowledge. A normal configuration can be defined and tested in less than an hour even without pre-knowledge. Debugging includes receiving data from the SIGFOX backend when an internet connection is available. The tool also offers public and private repositories for sharing common implementations and examples.

The design is highly optimized on current consumption. Don’t expect difficult power optimization code and rules, everything is handled automatically in the background by the Embedded Ant GUI software.

A typical application would be guarding sensor values or GPS locations, and reporting events to one or more servers using the SIGFOX network.

Few examples: Door Open detection on containers or cars, anti fuel theft by monitoring fuel levels, monitoring of irrigation systems, weather stations, guarding status and fuel levels of power generators, but also getting GPS locations for ‘misplaced’ equipment. 

Power consumption for tracking applications can be kept very low when the magnetometer or accelerometer sensors are used together with the GPS/Glonass receiver, giving an extremely long autonomous operation.
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