Ekkono is an embedded machine learning solution that runs on small platforms, on the connected devices. The product is provided as a complete SDK that contains APIs, bindings, a library etc.
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Commercially available

Ekkono makes machine learning for IoT. It is an embedded software solution that is provided as an SDK with APIs, bindings to different programming languages, the embedded library, and more. The product is designed for a programmer to get started with no previous data science expertise. It comes with standard functions to decorate the data, help select the most applicable machine learning technique, and optimize the configuration. It is built for purpose, meaning that it is designed to have minimal footprint and performance impact to enable it to run even on small IoT hardware platforms.

Still, it doesn't compromise on functionality. Ekkono enables you to do baseline calculation of normal behavior, anomaly detection, simulations of alternative scenarios, and predictions for the future. All useful to make your IoT product more intuitive, and to design new features like predictive maintenance.

Downloadable resources
  • Ekkono 1-page I46 Brochure Aug-17 JL.pdf

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Commercially available


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