Energy Management Solution for Energy Experts.
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Energis.Cloud is an intelligent, highly customizable digital energy management platform that enables energy experts to rapidly deploy energy efficiency solutions used in the commercial, industrial and electrical mobility sectors. The peculiarity of our energy management system is the integration of unique artificial Intelligence algorithms that, complementing the expert's skills, allow to reach unparalleled energy efficiency results (sometimes leading to more than 40% energy savings). Capabilities of Energis.Cloud are:

- Interfacing with IoT, building management, SCADA and a whole range of other systems

- User-friendly in-company and public dashboards/reports 

- Advanced alerting features

- Advanced use of IPMVP (International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol)

- Advanced modelling of the energy behaviour of equipment, buildings and sites 

- Forecasting of consumption and energy generation

- Document management 

- Automation of reporting for ISO50001 and other purposes

- Project management in accordance with ICP (Investor Confidence Protocol) 

- ... and much more.

 Energis.Cloud is offered in SaaS-mode and can also be installed on-site. 



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Commercially available


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